Get Terrazzo Planters, Multi-Use Shelves & Functional Art From This Indie Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

So you’re looking to zhuzh up your space, be it a corner in your home, or your entire studio apartment and can’t find decor that eats up space. Worry not, 1BHK will come to your rescue. If the name hasn’t already hinted at what they’re great at, let us tell you that they’re all about functional, artsy furniture and decor. Aptly calling their range “functional art”, you’ll find many a side table featuring a mini book case, or wall mounted planters that can function as anything else. 

Based out of Mumbai, the decor studio’s biggest sellers at this point are, unsurprisingly, planters. Largely made of metal, they’re all minimalist, muted, and super sensible for smaller spaces that you want to add an elegant touch too. We’re loving the hanging options, and will definitely be buying a creeper to make full use of all the elements of the planter. Another fav is the Terrazzo pattern concrete set. Perfect for those of us who love the Art Deco vibe the pattern adds. Their super minimalist mirrors, vases, shelves, and lighting options also have our hands itching to buy them!

When it comes to furniture, there’s actually a lot of colours. From their colourful psychedelic chairs made with metal, plastic, and cane, the minimalist and vintage inspired wooden chairs, you’ll find something you’ll like. The tables are all coffee tables, and the sofas range from slightly whimsical to mid-century. Should you want their smaller pieces though, you can get it on LBB!


They’re interior designers, so they will definitely incorporate that service for an extra charge. And they also make custom furniture.