Jet Setters & Go Getters, Organise With Style From This Brand's Leather Accessories

    What Makes It Awesome

    Have a hectic on-the-go kinda job? Well, don’t worry about pulling out (or stuffing) a chunky wallet, card holder, and anything else that that requires a bag of some sort, accessories from 21 Degree will save you precious minutes. 

    Sleek, stylish, and oh-so-simple, 21 degree makes wallets, bags, multipurpose sleeves, and pouches, among others for your work related mini-storage needs. All made of quality leather, the accessories come in neutral yet classic shades like black, tan, walnut, deep blues, reds, and greys, so don’t worry about breaking your serious boss (wo)man vibe. Keeping things minimal, their card holders are easy to slip into pockets and can hold up to five cards and money notes. Apart from travelling stress-free about your moolah with these, you can pick up multi-purpose sleeves that can hold a notebook, pens, your passport and cards, and even earphones! 

    Ladies, their pouches and sleek zipped wallets fit neatly into pockets (the latter) and can hold all of the things you could possibly carry while out. Their gender neutral range has diaries that can easily be tied up and hold a pen too, should you need to always be prepared, and fits beautifully into one of their laptop bags that can hold so much more than that. 


    They also make smart leather  belts for men to ensure that you always look sharp.