6 Places To Shop For #MakeInIndia Artisanal Bags

If there’s one weakness I condone, it’s shopping for handbags. I’m happy to wear the same jeans and the same shoes, but if there’s one thing I’m always scouting for, it’s artisanal handbags. For all ye handbag hoarders, step number one—add Mansur Gavriel and Building Blocks to your bucket list.

Step number two? While you wait for shipping, I’d recommend shopping from these glorious India-based designers. Yep, I’m a #bagladyforlife.


It was all the rage six months ago, and for all the right reasons. The shape of bucket bags in general is an OCD person’s worst nightmare—you’re perpetually dumping random stuff into a vortex. For what it’s worth, it helps you score major fashion points.

On My Wishlist: Their leather backpack in tan {buy it here}

Where: Shop online here

Price: Starting at INR 7,000

Fun Fact: Sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know about their discounts.


What I Bought: A Stephanie in red and Gigi {not Hadid} in a beautiful blue-grey {buy them here and here}.

Play on the mini-bag trend that’s exploding this season with Chiaroscuro’s elegant and classic designs that come in bright colours. The size of these bags is a challenge, especially if you—like me—are perpetually over-packing.

On My Wishlist: Stella in cobalt {buy it here}

Where: Shop online here

Price: Starting at INR 4,000

Fun Fact: They run out of bags pretty easily. So if you like something, get it soon.

Nappa Dori

What I Bought: Backpack in a light blue ikat {buy it here}.

This purchase was inspired by a friend’s purchase of the very same bag; so much so, I literally sent someone to pick it up with my credit card and pin number the second I saw it. Given the paucity of travel/holidays courtesy #startuplife, this blue beauty doubles up as my gym bag these days.

On My Wishlist: Nordic Brick Bag, and my first Nappa Dori love; their Doctor’s Bag {buy it here}

Where: Shop online here

Price: Starting at INR 4,000

Fun Fact: They’re always reinventing their collections and adding new prints; so keep a lookout.


What I Bought: A blue-grey ombre bag and a mini shoulder bag from their old collection.

The Indian brand that set off my obsession with uncovering and discovering other Indian leather bags, Poem has killed it with its collections.

On My Wishlist: The Mini in rust {buy it here}

Where: Shop online here

Price: Starting at INR 10,000

Fun Fact: Their new backpacks are beautiful. Coming out soon!

Square Loop

What I Bought: Technically, I was gifted the Envelope Straight Sling bag {buy it here}

Perfect for work, this bag’s got structure, compartments, zips, pockets, and everything else that’ll make your life more organised. I can actually find my credit cards in under 10 seconds!

On My Wishlist: Frame It tote {buy it here}

Where: Shop online here

Price: Starting at INR 7,500

Fun Fact: The sister of Square Loop is the founder/designer at Bodice. It runs in the family!


What I Bought: Clutches in bright and pastel colours. I also have the black one with the bugs.

If, like me, your wardrobe is blue, black, denim and grey, you’ll like a pop of colour from Etre. I’ve been buying their clutches for the past two years and love their designs.

On My Wishlist: One of their mirror bags from the Folklore collection

Where: Shop online here

Price: Starting at  INR 2,500

Fun Fact: They can customise bulk orders.