OMG! Win Google Homes, Gold Coins & More. All You Have To Do Is SHAKE!

    Vaishnavi posted on 15 September


    Gone are the days where you stood in long lines and shopped your way out in a jam-packed supermarket. Here’s putting an end to all the grocery shopping woes with an awesome solution. Say hello to Avenue11, a Bengaluru based shopping app whose Shake Shake11 campaign is making shopping great again.  

    Shake It To Win It

    Grocery shopping might have been a tedious job till date but not anymore. Meet Avenue11, an E-Grocery app who with their tech innovations such as Shake Shake11 are amping up the ordinary shopping experience. We are legitimately shaking (out of excitement) and overwhelmed with joy ‘cause everytime we play there is a 100% chance of winning a cool gift voucher or Avenue11 coupons. You’ll definitely be mind-blown to know the kind of gifts they are offering. Best part? You can play this game 3 times a day and are assured to win something each time. Don't believe us?  Even Kannada actress Anushree S is obsessing over this fun game and we think you should play it too. 

    Want to know how to win gifts in easy-peasy steps? Get the Avenue11 app from the play store, click on the SHAKE NOW icon and shake your phone for 11 seconds straight. A unique scratch card will appear on the screen and the prize will be revealed to you. The prize gets registered in the rewards section of the app and can be redeemed on shopping of a certain value. Click here to understand the drill better. You can win discount coupons, vouchers, gold coins, Google Home or even an Activa 5G by playing the Shake Shake11 game. 

    So, We’re Saying…

    Stop, pause, whatever you are doing and play Shake Shake11. It is ought to make your grocery shopping a fun experience. So, let’s get shaking?

    Get the Android app here. Know more about Avenue11 & Shake Shake 11 on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

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