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Cookies, Cakes And Homemade Goodness: Hit Up This Baker For Some Yummy In Tummy

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    What Makes It Awesome

    We've been binging on cookies for a while now and when we spotted Acheto's Instagram handle, we went "Yes, definitely need some of that Double Choco Chunk cookies". Bangalore-based Acheto Bakes ("acheto" means 'it's coming' in Sindhi) does cookies and cakes, all homemade and with love (the secret ingredient if you ask us). So we got to ordering by hitting them on WhatsApp (you can DM them on Instagram too, but this is more convenient). A day later our order -- a box of their choco-chip cookies, the double choco chunk cookies, and shortbread -- arrived. 

    Both the cookies you can order either as a box of five or ten (we went with five each), and it's a wonder we didn't destroy all of them in a sitting. The Double Choco Chunk is through and through a chocolate cookie that's not overly sweet and is the right kind of fudgy. The choco chip, on the other hand, is exactly the kind you want to dip it in a glass of warm milk. The shortbread, this writer's mother's favourite kind of cookies, gets top marks from the mother. Goes well with her evening coffee. 

    Cookies start as low as INR 250 and go all the way up to INR 800. 


    If you are in Bangalore, the delivery is via Dunzo/Swiggy Genie, and yes, they can arrange for the cookies to be delivered to you, even if you are not in Bangalore. You'll have to pay for courier charges on actuals. 

      Available Online