Ten-second takeaway

Pondicherry-based Theatre company Adishkati brings its most prized workshop, Source of Performance Energy, to the city for the first time. Performing arts folk, you’ll want to be there.

Channel the energy

Brought to town by the Sandbox Collective, this workshop was started by the Late Veenapani Chawla, the founder of Adishakti and her team of performers after intense research at their performance centre in Pondicherry. If you don’t know what Adishakti is all about, then let us enlighten you. It is at the core a theatre company based in Pondicherry which explores the traditional and less talked about schools of art. And over the years, it has turned into a space which is pretty much authority on the physical crafts of feeding the physical, vocal and psychological expression in the performing arts. Now, excelling even at contemporary practices, you best head to their workshops to really fine tune your capabilities. We hear it’s a game changer.

Who should go?

Ideal for actors, filmmakers, musicians, writers and visual artistes, this session is quite like a 101 on performances. The methodology followed uses breath, emotion, rhythm, and voice to enhance the physical nature of your art, this one is expected to cover all the basics to get you going. Expect it to be quite rigorous as at the crux of it all is the principles of Koodiyattam, Kerala’s ancient form of theatre, and we all know how tough that can be.

Where: NUMA Bengaluru, Church Street

When: February 28-March 2, 9am-5pm; Registrations end on February 15

Contact: collective.sandbox@gmail.com

Find the event on Facebook here.

Find them on Facebook here.

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