Look No Further Than This Store For Quality Sportswear That Doesn’t Break The Bank

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    Score quality sportswear at reasonable prices from Bangalore-based sportswear brand ARMR, that specialises in sporting gear for men, women and children.

    What Is It?

    Just when I thought that great gym clothes and sportswear comes only at a hefty price from well known international brands, ARMR changed my notion of great quality yet affordable sportswear. This Bangalore-based brand specialises in sporting gear, the quality of which parallels the big boys like Nike and Adidas, but cost only a third of the price. From tights and yoga pants to tanks and tees, these guys have got your fitness apparel covered.

    Who Is It For?

    Anybody who loves sport. From beginners who just stick to their early morning jogs and yoga to seasoned athletes who play sports on the regular, ARMR provides a range of sports apparel that will suit anyone. 

    Must Buy

    Check out their ARMR SKYN range of base layers {worn next to skin and under your normal sports Tee or shorts}, something I did not see any other brand offer in such a wide range of products and colours.

    Anything Else?

    ARMR is available online at their website here. ARMR also has a store on Veera Pillai Street, {near Commercial Street} and stores in Virginia Mall and Brookefield Mall. You can find their stuff at other multi-brand sports outlets as well.

      Available Online