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Agents of Ishq, a Community that Encourages Open and Positive Conversations about Love and Sex

Roshni posted on 12 March


Taking love, sex and desire out into the open, Agents of Ishq offers everything from stories and videos to posters and GIFs.

Intimate conversations

The folks at Agents of Ishq don’t believe in covering up conversations on sex with hushed tones, preachy advice or even a bunch of scientific terms. Offering a {much-needed} fresh take on love, sex and desire, Agents of Ishq hope to “give sex a good name”. A bilingual {English and Hindi} multimedia website which includes stories, videos, art, posters, podcasts, GIFs and even interesting maps {all for free too}, their content is fun and candid. And, all of it is apparently created on the basis of research as well as conversations and collaborations {with everyone from doctors to activists and youth groups}. An initiative by Mumbai-based media and arts company, Parodevi Pictures, the team is headed by filmmaker Paromita Vohra.

Bringing sexy back

Be it the mascot, Munna {a condom, basically} who tells you about when a condom should be worn {breaking into Bollywood songs every now and then} or their Sexy Saturday Playlists, curated by a different person every week and listing out sensual tracks, the website keeps it entertaining. Divided into sections like Thinking about Sex, Necessary Funde and Cool Stuff, they have stories {check out the filmy fantasy on having Rani Mukherjee as a girlfriend}, videos {their latest video features two Lavani dancers, Megha and Shakku, talking about consent. See above.}, podcasts and much more, all exploring concepts like masturbation, relationships and consent. Clearly, the space is all about {and for} open conversations. Oh, and recommendations for books on love and sex, and even a map which tells you the word for ‘kiss’ in every official Indian language.

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