This Brand Uses Corn Fibre, Wood Pulp, Organic Cotton, And Jute To Make Funky Home Linen

    What Makes It Awesome

    At some point, we’ve fantasised about our bed all day at work (or school, or college) because it’s SO comfy that it calls out to you from across the distance. Unproductivity aside, if you’re looking to pick up bed (or home) linen that makes everything better when you’re on it, check out what Alaam Perfect Homes has to offer. 

    Using high quality fabrics sourced straight from various local producers and weavers, the brand creates linen and fabric essentials (like towels, mats and table runners). Cottons, handloom jute, wood pulp and corn fibre are some of the materials used, so if you’ve been looking for sustainable fabric for home, you’re welcome. Happy, inviting prints and colours, the designs add flair and character to any bare room. Florals, paisley, geometric and colour block patterns feature on the organic (so don’t worry if your skin is super sensitive) cloth dyed with metal-free dyes. Some of their double sheets (for king and queen beds) feature different patterns split down the middle. The pillow covers usually match one of the two sides, or at least complement the print.

    The rugs and mats are thick and absorbent (if you’re looking for something by the bathroom), and easy to wash. Keeping things affordable, cotton and jute sheets start at INR 400 (single), and go up to INR 550 for double bed sheets (inclusive of pillow covers), kitchen towels sell from INR 100, and floor mats from INR 80. 


    They usually have discounts and offers on their products in store, so check with them while shopping.