The Permit Room, Social And Hard Rock Cafe: Alcohol Is Officially Back In The CBD Starting Tonight

Aakanksha posted on 27 August

Yaaas! After nearly two months {which seemed like centuries for both restaurateurs and the pub-goers}, MG Road, Brigade Road and Church Street bars, pubs and restaurants, are officially serving alcohol, again.

Oh, how we missed Paati’s Magic Rasam at The Permit Room, and that beautiful Longest Long Island Iced Tea at Social! And for you uber fancy drinkers, hit up The Oberoi, they’re back in action too. Rockers, Hard Rock Cafe is ready to rock and roll again, as well. Many other pubs, bars and restaurants too are serving alcohol, and we’ll update you on the latest when we get official confirmation.

Though most of the restaurants, bars and pubs stood strong through the dark times of no alcohol, it wasn’t quite the same. There’s something off about going to a pub and drinking coffee, eh? So it’s a huge relief to the industry that the Supreme Court has clarified and confirmed that the ban on sale of alcohol within 500 metres of a highway does not apply to places within city limits.

That said, don’t be mistaken, the ban on the sale of alcohol within 500 metres of national highways still stands, outside of the city limits.

You can flock to your old favourites for your daily dose of cocktails, shots and that good old chilled beer post work! In fact, show these guys your support and maybe head out for a pub crawl, to hit up all your favourite watering holes.

As always, drink responsibly, drive safe. And if you’re drinking, don’t even think of driving.

This post first appeared in The Economic Times. Read the article here.