This App Lets You Manage Your Domestic Help Better

    Mary posted on 21 April

    What Is It?

    Between Netflix marathons, the workweek grind and social commitments, we get it. You’re busy. Too often, things that are important get ignored, like managing the accounts of your domestic helps {including maids, servants and drivers}. This in turn results in end of the month confusion and waste of time and money and the next thing you know, the domestic help is a no-show. But fret not, because VeriHelp has you sorted.

    VeriHelp is an app that helps you to easily retain and reward your domestic help, thereby saving you both money and heartache. So whether you want to keep track of your domestic help’s {salary, advances, festival bonuses, etc.}, avoid a trip to the ATM to pick up cash, or even open a bank account for them, VeriHelp has you sorted in all aspects. Trust us, it does not get more easier than this.

    Who Is It For?

    Everyone. With VeriHelp on your phone, your domestic help will be more punctual, professional, and trustworthy.

    Why Should I Sign Up?

    Besides the benefits mentioned above, VeriHelp also lets you make life easier for your domestic help. How you ask? Well, simple – when you pay their salary through the app, they get the money in their bank account, and a credit score is generated for them. This credit score gets your domestic help {access to loans, health insurance, and more}. Similarly, if you report anything adverse against the domestic help, it can result in them losing some or all their benefits.

    By empowering household employees with better incentives to be loyal and professional, this is one app that can help you truly build meaningful relationships with the people who work in your homes. VeriHelp has also made a neat little video to help you take the next step.

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