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A row full of army surplus stores in a Shivajinagar byline ensure that you can stock up on trekking gear, shoes and vintage bullet boxes.

Armed with shopping

Tucked away in a busy street opposite to Russell Market (Shivajinagar) are a bunch of popular army surplus stores, dealing in clothing and gear for the police and armed forces. What’s in it for me, you wonder? Well, quite a lot, we tell you! Having been around for over a few decades atleast, this is where some of the clever shopaholics score their trendy camouflage cargos and t-shirts, and trekking shoes and bags, all at a bargain! Unfortunately, the stores don’t sell camo apparel or bags anymore (due to recent rules and regulations) but hey, don’t despair. There’s lots more for you to check out, including vintage bullet boxes that can be converted into home decor or as a storage space.

Stock up now

Photo by: Jurith Nath

Photo by: Jurish Nath

While only a few stores remain open now on what was once a lane full of shops that specialised in selling army paraphernalia, the ones that are around, are totally worth a visit for their unique inventory. There is Hind Stores (over half a century old and probably one of the oldest) for its regular leather shoes to safety shoes (steel-capped shoes) and boots, all at pocket-friendly rates. Mayur Army and General Stores is known for its trekking shoes and army boots, All India Military Stores for its military sweaters, blankets, socks, monkey caps and gloves or for a pair of sturdy Oxford or derby shoes.

Chugh’s Navyug Military and General Store (which has been around for almost 43 years) stocks trekking shoes, sleeping bags and raincoats that are bound to make any trekker happy. Plus, blankets, sweaters, gloves, socks and footwear (think leather shoes, canvas shoes and gum boots). More than 60 years since it started, My Shoe & Uniform (with two branches in the same vicinity) offers trekking/hiking shoes and equipment as well as bags (pick from bulky ones, ideal for travelling, or smaller ones for daily use).

Where: Along Chandni Chowk Road and Dharmraj Koli Street, Shivajinagar

When: Store timings vary, but all of them should be open by about 10am.

Price: INR 150 upwards

Featured image by: Jurish Nath