Ten-second takeaway


Dynamite Tofu, Prawn Siu Mai, Lemongrass Fried Rice


Sichuan Mary {a Bloody Mary with orange juice too}

Winning for…

A novel menu which spans Indianised favourites as well as authentic picks. And, at very affordable rates.

What we chowed on

Street food at asia kitchen koramangala

We love that they have tipped the scales in favour of appetisers for a change. From dim sum {chicken, veggie and shrimp} and spring rolls to Chilli Chicken, you’re sorted. But for a change, we picked Dynamite Tofu – fried cubes of tofu with a mayo chilli dressing, Java Grilled Fish and Baked Avocado Rolls. The first was different and piqued our interest, but the Japanese-style avocado rolls were light and mercifully baked so we shaved off a few calories. The Java Grilled Fish was a great novelty and came tossed in a Sambal salsa. Typically Malaysian, it was sweet and spicy, giving the fish a tangy touch. Pity the fish was basa though. Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups are top notch here too.

What else we ate…

Pile on the appetisers, we suggest, and then opt for a single-dish main course. Pick from Khao Suey {which serves two and is in a D-I-Y format}, Lemongrass fried rice in chicken, vegetarian and prawn options {our favourite} or Thai curries with steamed rice. For sharing, Bekti in Greens and Garlic is a delicious choice. As is the Trio of Mushroom in Wine Ginger Sauce {didn’t think that was possible, did you?} and Lamb in Mahlak sauce {for the dose of greasy goodness}. Do also try the Mee and Nasi Goreng. They do it slightly differently, so it really is very different from a jazzed up fried rice or Chowmein as we’re accustomed to at most other places.

The DL on ambience

Upbeat and colourful, Asia Kitchen’s name likely comes from the central and dominating open kitchen. You can watch the chefs toss the noodles for amusement if your dining partner is boring.

So we’re thinking…

Ready your chopsticks and get set for a whirlwind tour of the streets of Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and Thailand with pit stops at other countries too! We’re thrilled that there’s finally a place we can go to if we want a bit of all of Asia.

Where: 136, Ground Floor, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Jyoti Niwas College Road, Koramangala 5th Block

When: 12.30pm-3.30pm and 7pm-11pm

Contact: 080 49652163

Price: INR 1,200 for two

Check out their website here.


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