Gorge On Steaming Hot Apams, Seafood Delicacies & More At No.10 Fort Cochin

    St Marks Road, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Craving those authentic Kerala cuisine flavours in Bangalore? You’ve got to check out No.10 Fort Cochin! Whether you love seafood, or are just in the mood for classic mutton stew and piping hot apams, No.10 Fort Cochin has something for everyone.

    At No.10 Fort 10 Cochin, all dishes are made with traditional whole crushed spices of Kerala to give you those almost palpable aromas and bring exquisite flavors to any dish be it meat, veggies, or seafood. If you’re someone who enjoys every aspect of Kerala cuisine, you should definitely start off with No.10 Fort Cochin’s breakfast fare. Whether it’s puttu and kaddla curry or idiyappams and authentic Egg Roast, you can’t really go wrong with your order. They have an all day breakfast menu, so you can even pair these dishes with that yummy Chef’s Special Chatti Curry (the recipe has been passed down over generations, so you’re going to want to try this), or prawns pollichathu and a spicy netholi fry. Now if you’re not much of a seafood lover and prefer chicken or mutton or even vegetarian food, No.10 Forth Cochin doesn’t disappoint. Take your pick from a variety of gravies, wholesome salads and even biryani.

    No meal is complete without a little bit of something sweet. In true Kerala cuisine style, order the payasam or refreshing Tender Coconut ice cream, and probably plan your next meal here since we’re sure you’ll be back for seconds!

      St Marks Road, Bangalore