Stay At The Ayisha Manzil Homestay In Thalassery For Culture And Perfect Biryani

Ayisha Manzil


If you’re planning a weekend getaway to Thalassery, the pepper capital of South India, book a room at this heritage homestay for a dose of culture. But more so, stay here for the Malabar food!

Down The Spice Route

Just a nine hour drive from Bangalore, Thalassery is a small seaside town that’s most famously known for its plum cakes and pepper. Of course, being in Kerala means you can expect top-notch seafood, too! Of all the various accommodations available, perhaps the most exclusive is Ayisha Manzil, a 150-year old colonial-style bungalow that has been converted into a homestay. Overlooking the Arabian sea, it’s surrounded by lush greenery and is a true respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Did we mention that it’s also eco-friendly?

They’ve retained the antique look of the house, so don’t expect spring beds and white walls. Instead, dive into history with warm four-poster beds, rafters that creak under the weight of old-school fans and earthen tiles for the floor to keep you cool. If that’s not enough, then perhaps a dip into the swimming pool, that overlooks the sea will sort you out.

Customised Culture

Apart from the regular bed and breakfast, what we really like about this place is that they customise experiences for guests. So if you’re keen on a spice market trail or perhaps a fish market walk {it’s really something else here, as it’s a seaside town}, make sure you ask them to fix up one for you. Then skip into a traditional Muslim Malabar cooking class! It’s a timeless and perfectly preserved piece of history.

Food Of The Gods

Since the owners Mr and Mrs Moosa take personal care of the guests, it’s no wonder that Faiza is a locally known expert at cooking mouthwatering Malabar delicacies. Only guests can eat, as it is a home kitchen more than a restaurant, but everything is cooked by Faiza herself! Erachipathil, unnakai, muttamala — Ayisha Manzil keeps it traditional with their selection of food, making sure you dine like royalty. And because it’s Kerala, you can also expect a daily feast of seafood delicacies like coconut crab curry and fish fry, beef fry and Thalassery-style biryani with that inimitable kick of local black pepper!


On your way to Thalassery, stop over at Waynard and check out the nearby Edakkal Caves! It’ll make your trip all the more worth it.

Ayisha Manzil