Fashion To Décor, Everything In This Store Is Made Out Of Bamboo

    What Makes It Awesome

    Bamboopecker is a quaint store located in Shanti Nagar which sells everything made out of bamboo. No really, from bangles and wall hangings to blinds and lamps, they have got the most diverse collection of products which are made of bamboo. Who knew bamboo as a material could be so versatile? We sure didn’t, until we found out about Bamboopecker. Be it, bangles, earrings and neckpieces for fashion or wall hangings, artsy lamps and lights for home décor, it is all made out of bamboo. Everything in this store gives us the feel of a proper treehouse, rustic yet classic. Get those good old bamboo blinds for your balcony for a vintage look, or if you have a patio, then this is perfect!

    You can also pick small furniture pieces such as chairs and tables which have been designed beautifully, along with a touch of modernity in the designs. Be sure to check out the multi-purpose baskets and bamboo bags, which look as natural as ever. Apart from just selling products, Bamboopecker offers construction services; they help in designing and construction of outdoor spaces using bamboo. Hit up the store to invest in an eco-friendly lifestyle. 


    You can also design and customise your furniture and they will make it for you.