What Is It?

What could possibly beat a treasure hunt on a Sunday morning, that too in the quest for food? Nothing is the answer. Which is why we’re fans of Che Experience’s Bangalore Eats – Food Walks. And this time, the target zone is Ulsoor. Starting at the delightful Bengaluru Oota Company in Cambridge Layout, we’re hoping for a soulful {and sinful?} brekkie. Then after being teamed up, you’ll need to solve puzzles and clues to progress to the next level which is actually an eatery in the area. Since it kicks off in the morning, post a breakfast refuel, as the morning wears on, coffee, snacks, ice cream and dessert places will hopefully feature at the next food places. The last clue will lead you to the final restaurant, where the hunt will end with a delicious lunch. But since it’s a competition, we can’t really reveal what the places will be. We’ll leave it to you to up your Sherlock-meets-MasterChef game and beat out competition.

Who’s It For?

There’s no saying who’ll enjoy it more — the foodies or the competitive chaps! The clues will really get you thinking, and the food worth skipping the previous dinner. We can only guess the restaurants on the hit list in this area. Either way, what’s not to like about playing detective and being rewarded with all sorts of food?

Why Should I Go For It?

We went on their previous Church Street edition and loved it. You really think you know the city, but their clues will leave you stumped sometimes. So head out to learn a bit about Ulsoor, and eat on some house-specials of all the restaurants you visit. That’s a win-win situation any which way you look at it eh? Go on, we know it’ll be a fun day out. No need to always sit home and binge watch Breaking Bad on Sunday.

When: Sunday, August 28

Where: Starts at The Bengaluru Oota Company

Price: INR 1,650 including food

Timings: 10.30am-2pm

Find the event on Facebook here.

Book a spot on the food trail here.

Feature Photo: Bengaluru Oota Company