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Bangalore! Play Your Favourite Sport And Sweat It Out At adidas Uprising

Abhijeet posted on 27th September

What Is It?

adidas is organising a unique, two-day sporting event in Bangalore. All you have to do is rekindle the passion you have/had for your favourite sport and head on to adidas Uprising. You can compete in team and individual sports or participate in yoga and aqua workouts. Join fellow Bangaloreans as they sweat it out and give it their all, out on the field.

Who Is It For?

The participation is open to anyone willing to play their favourite sport once again. If you refuse to give up in the face of adversity, if your dream to go back to the field yet for some reason you can't quite, then this is an opportunity you. Get back in the game, guys!

Why Should I Go For It?

The two day sporting event will have various sports categories in which any individual can participate. You can form your own team and join the competition or participate in individual categories. What sports can you look forward to you ask? Here are all the categories inviting entries.


Perhaps the most demanding yet satisfying of all exercises, there will be two major runs taking place at adidas uprising — the 5K run and 10K. This your chance to prove that all that sweat and toil wasn’t for nothing. Register now for participation at INR 100. You can also participate in a running workshop by Dr. Rajat Chauhan.

Wall Climbing

The participation in wall climbing is open for Fastest-to-climb U-17 {boys}, fastest-to-climb U-17 {girls}, fastest-to-climb men and fastest-to-climb girl categories at the registration cost of INR 100.

Yoga, Zumba, Phantom Workout And Aqua Workout

For those more into the fitness aspect, rather that the joy of sport, join the yoga, Zumba and phantom & aqua workout event at the registration cost of INR 100 each.

Are you a team person? Don’t worry, here’s where you can join the competition with your friends and colleagues.


Participations in basketballs is open for men, women and under-17 boys. All you have to do is form a team of three members and register for the event at the cost of INR 300.


Sign up for U-9, U10, U-12, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18 and open category for men. Simply form a team of 5 players and join the competition for INR 500.


This one if open to U-12 {boys’ singles}, U-14 {boys singles}, U-18 {boys singles}, U-14 {girls singles}, men singles and men doubles categories at the cost of INR 100.


Participation in volleyball is open for men, women and U-19 {men} categories. Form a team of six players and join the tournament for a cost of INR 600.

For registration to your favourite sport, click here. Follow adidas uprising on their Facebook page here.

So, which sport are you participating in? Tell us in the comments section below.

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