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Artist Collective CreatHives Launches With Bangalore's Backyard

Rini posted on 03 June

What Is It?

Indulge in the multicultural heritage of the city we love at Bangalore's Backyard, which will be the launch of CreatHives — an online venture that promotes artists {the first of its kind apparently}. They intend on raising funds to help struggling artists from rural backgrounds help network with hosts and vendors. So expect a folk-induced line-up of exciting performers and artists, with a contemporary twist. And with it comes food, drinks and a flea market.

Who Is It For?

This one's a family pack — the grandparents, parents and kiddies. Anybody who wants to gawk at art and have fun while doing so, is welcome.

Why Should I Go For It?

Hosted by Pebble - The Jungle Lounge and CreatHives, Bangalore's Backyard is going to be a happy point of plenty of activities and performances such as The Raghu Dixit Project and Project Mishram/Naavu, a Karnatic EDM fusion act, an Indian contemporary dance performance by Shoonya and Nivesaa, and a short film screening. There will be more than 25 food stalls to keep you stuffed to the gills. And if you are the flea market kinda shopper, look out for over ten stalls at the carnival. If you have a soft corner for underrated art and talent, go over and show your support. There will be workshops and games even, to make the day interesting, for you and your kids. A day not like another awaits you. Still wondering why you should go?

When: Saturday, June 11

Where: 3 Princess Academy, Ramanna Maharishi Road, Palace Grounds

Price: INR 250

Timings: 11am - 11pm

Contact: +91 8867500207

Find the event on Facebook here.

Book your tickets online here.

Check out CreatHives website here.

Featured Image of Raghu Dixit via The Raghu Dixit Project