This Bangalore Based Brand Lets You Buy Clothing Made From Hemp

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    Bangalore-based Be Hemp India uses hemp yarn to make a range of products including slippers, wallets, hats and even scarves.

    What Makes It Awesome

    While growing (and smoking) cannabis is not legal in India, selling things made out of it is legal and in trend. Started by Benson Martis, Elston Menezes and Sayantan Halder (and their love for hemp), Be Hemp sells products for everyday-use at extremely affordable rates. The rustic finish on all the things is the main attraction. The dream catchers, available in trippy kaleidoscopic colours, can make for great gifts or even to hang in your own bedroom. Check out wallets that come in simple neutral shades and some with fun bohemian prints. Even their patched hemp pouches are a steal.

    The slippers are beachy and comfortable, something we’d all love to own and are perfect for a beach vacay. The hemp beanies in different colours of greens, yellows and reds are a must-have. They also have accessories including bracelets/anklets with beads, wrist bands in Rastafarian colours, earrings for the happy vibe, and scarves to keep you warm.

    Be Hemp also makes leashes for dogs, rolling paper made of hemp and shower gels, oils made of hemp seeds, and even actual hemp seeds (yeah, you can consume them) that are a great natural source of protein. Most of Be Hemp’s stuff is sourced from Nepal, while some of it is obtained from Uttarakhand. Time to join the circle, peeps! Love and peace. Their price range is between INR 30 to INR 1,800. You can order on their website or on social media.

      Available Online