Obsessed With Coffee? Make It In An Instant With Coffee From This Brand

What Makes It Awesome

Can’t do without your cup of coffee first thing in the morning? We can’t either. If you have no equipment to brew and are looking for good quality coffee in a jiffy, then Beanly has got your back. Beanly brings to you freshly ground coffee which you can drink instantly without any expensive equipment. The coffee here is made without any preservatives, no additives, and no chicory. 

They have both dip coffee and pour-over coffee. Wondering about the coffee blends? They have something called a master blend which is a medium roast coffee originated from Baba Budangiri, Chikmagalur, and Coorg and an organic blend originated from Hassan. The dip coffee is a simple three-step process of soaking, stirring, and squeezing and the pour coffee is where you place the coffee bag over a mug and just add hot water to it. 

They also have a trial pack that you can buy and sweetened creamer if you like your coffee with milk. Enjoy fresh coffee, hassle-free with Beanly. Check out their website or just place an order on the LBB shop.