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Fuel Your Love For Automobiles By Joining This Club Of Car Enthusiasts

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Whether you want to attend a vintage car show or show off your childhood collection of Hot Wheels, the Beantown Model Collectors’ Club is perfect if you’re an automobile enthusiast and love discussing everything cars.

What Makes It Awesome

It doesn’t matter if you’re a software engineer or a lawyer, as long as you love cars. Did you prefer Need For Speed to Mario as a kid? (we love the latter because of the cheat codes we had access to). If you did, then check out the Beantown Model Collectors’ Club. It's ideal for folks who own miniature models of cars, trucks, aircrafts, locomotives and military vehicles (only cause they’re cheaper than the actual versions). They usually get together once a month (usually on a second Sunday) for breakfast where they discuss everything from classic cars to new and upcoming launches.

Apart from meeting to compare miniatures and to vote on whose models were the best of the lot (we’re assuming it's quite the heated discussion), the group attends car launches and vintage shows. Their collection includes models of cars like Ferrari 250, Mercedes, Austin Healey and Morris Oxford. Unsurprisingly, their kids have picked up the habit and frequent the club’s meetings as well. With the intent of making a connection between the past, present and future through cars, the members hope to fuel the love for automobiles. If you’d like to join the group, feel free to hit them up on the given phone number.