Ten-Second Takeaway

What happens when a newbie goes for a whiskey and craft beer workshop? Well, quite a lot, apparently. You learn exactly how to make the alcohol, and then how to appreciate it!

Workshop Time

Give me an engaging novel or a movie and that’s all I’ll need to while away my day. Workshops, meetups and functions are just not my idea of fun. So, when I decided to check out the The Boiler-Maker, a recent Jameson and craft beer workshop at The Biere Club, I went in a sceptic. Especially because I’m a beginner when it comes to whiskey and craft beer. But, going around and talking to others {noobs and beer enthusiasts} who had come for the workshop helped put me at ease.

Learn, Drink, Repeat

The whiskey workshop by Jamie Rath {Jameson brand ambassador} had plenty of information about the brand’s history along with basics like types of whiskeys, what goes into making Irish whiskey and the production process. What really got me interested though were the samples! Shots of bourbon, scotch whiskey and Jameson to identify the differences. Yes, please!

Next up, the beer workshop by John Eapen {city-based beer blogger at Tales of Froth} kept it simple by sticking to fundamentals. From ingredients to brewing process, flavours to aroma, this one was informative and fun. More so, because I got to test out the learnings with six different beers — ale, lager, stout {my favourite!}, Hefeweizen and two fruity brews {mango and orange-based}. This involved a round of serious sniffing and plenty of sipping. The session also did a bit of myth busting. Always thought dark beers were stronger than lighter ones? Not so, my dears! Also, who knew that the head {the frothy foam, guys} on top of the beer is actually a shield to protect the bubbles and add to its aesthetic look? But pay attention to details, there’s a pop quiz at the end with enticing prizes {read alcohol} to be won!

Give It A Shot

To celebrate International Beer Day {yes, it exists} John Eapen is hosting a beer workshop this weekend. Apart from sampling six international beers, there’ll also be a beer-based LLIIT Longest Long Island Iced Tea} DIY session where you can create your own concoction. Then gear up for games including a relay, beer pong and my personal favourite, Flip Cup!

When: Friday, August 5

Where: Whitefield Social, 29, Phoenix Market City, ITPL Main Road, Whitefield

Price: INR 1,000

Timings: 6pm-8.30pm

Find the event on Facebook here.

Tickets are available here.