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Shakira Watch Out! Learn How To Belly Dance Like A Pro For Just INR 350 A Class

Aakanksha posted on 15th May

Ten-Second Takeaway

Want to be like a etherial dancer from the Arabian Nights? Well then, sign up for classes with Chitra, better known as the Bombay Bellyrina, and you might just be giving Shakira a good run for her money soon.

Work That Belly

Oh how difficult belly dancing looks. But also how sexy, no? So stop just eyeing Shakira’s moves and get shimmying yourself. Chitra, who is best known as Bombay Bellyrina, is apparently one of India’s first belly dancing instructors, and when she’s in charge, you know that you’ll be rocking those moves in no time.

What is really interesting about her sessions is that they’re not like a typical class which has only drums or Arabic music {stop generalising, folks!}. Think Linkin’ Park, Eminem, Sia and any trending songs that may catch Chitra’s fancy. See, I told you this is different.

Shake And Shimmy

The charming bellyrina also likes to dispel the notion that belly dancing can only be done for an event or in a class. She wants you to be dancing this style in a club when the DJ drops the latest beats. Which is primarily why, she teaches a very freestyle version — luckily the dance form itself isn’t based on specific counts. So this summer, shake off those inhibitions, and shimmy into the world of learning a beautiful art, while also burning those dratted calories. I also hear from many who’ve taken her classes, and from my own experiences, that belly dancing is a great way to boost confidence. No better way to build self-confidence than some good music, sultry moves and an energetic class, eh?

So, what you waiting for? Sign up, already.

When: Monday and Wednesday, May 1, onwards.

Where: Nivesaa, 13th Main, Indiranagar

Price: INR 2,800 for one month {eight classes}

Contact: +91 96119 95709 or +91 7829111069

Timings: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Age: 15 years upwards.

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