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There's A Popcorn Flavour For Every Netflix Genre Right Here!

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The addictive munchy. The pop-ular pop star. The ultimate movie snack. The humble popcorn goes by many references but it certainly goes best with anything Netflix. Seriously, Netflix & Popcorn (not Netflix & Chill) is a petition we're signing and it doesn't involve the same salted or buttered up versions. Because like each carefully selected genre for a day/night (+ wee hours of the morning) viewing, there's a carefully flavoured popcorn that goes perfectly. Dare we say, it only complements and elevates the whole experience. So, bookmark and get your hands on these flavoured gourmet popcorns on Shop On LBB for your stay at home binge watching Netflix scenes. 

Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn - Classics

Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn, Mini Tin, 110g


A good Salted Caramel Popcorn is as dependable as a never disappointing classic movie or series. Just like how you can watch and rewatch a classic with zero remorse, you can eat and keep eating a delicious caramel popcorn such as this from 4700BC Popcorn without slipping into a sugar coma (thanks to the touch of the Himalayan salt)!

Classics to watch: Goodfellas, Mad Max, Swades

Choco Caramel Popcorn - Thrillers

Choco Caramel Popcorn


This Choco Caramel Popcorn from Popcorn & Co. will keep your fingers hooked while a fine thriller does the same to your eyes. It's so good, you may not want to share. Since a spine-chilling, plot twister is serious enough, we think a sweet chocolate swirled caramel flavour will balance the emotions out.

Thrillers to watch: Birdbox, Special 26, Run

Nutty Tuxedo Popcorn - Dramas

Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn, Mini Tin, 125g


An LBB crew favourite, and the most dramatic (as it should be) of the lot, the Nutty Tuxedo is the gourmet popcorn we recommend for any drama series/movie. If you love sugar and layers of texture as much as your drama, then even better! Because this variation has a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate drizzle over caramel popcorn and mixed with toasted almonds. It's a seriously crunchy and seriously addictive.

Dramas to watch: Dil Dhadakne Do, You, Suits

Pizza Krunch Popcorn - Science Fictions

The Crunch Box Classic Pizza Krunch Popcorn Tin - 100 GMS


A Star Wars/ Star Trek binge only calls for the best and the best is the Pizza Krunch Popcorn from The Crunch Box. Eat pizza without the guilt as your senses -- encounter aliens, go on a space travel exploration or enjoy being teleported to an alternate universe. We love how a complex but well-known pizza flavour complements the complex and unknown world of a sci-fi movie/series.

Science Fictions to watch: Black Mirror, Extinction, I Am Mother

Cheesy Cheese Corn Popcorn - Romances

Cheese Corn Popcorn 50 GM (Regular Tin)


Did we hit the nail in the head for this one or what? Because nothing dials up the cheesiness (in a nice way) while you indulge in an emotion filled romance than a tin of the cheesiest, Cheese Corn Popcorn. It's just the right amount of savoury, these delicious nibbles have oodles or cheddar cheese, enough to bring out more of the oxytocin aka the love hormone! 

Romances to watch: 13 Going On 30, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Eat Pray Love

Magical Fruity Candy Popcorn - Children & Animations

Gourmet Popcorn-Fruity Candy Popcorn- 170g


A flavour riot of oranges, pineapples, strawberries and a colour scheme of rainbow with a dash of sprinkles, this Fruity Candy Popcorn from Popcorn Fusion is designed to be a kid favourite. But we sense you will be screaming "pass the popcorn" too! Don't take yourself too seriously while serving up or eating this popcorn flavour, just give in and enjoy -- it's your chance to be a kid while you do kid things. 

 Children & Animations to watch: Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek

Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Popcorn - Horrors

Red Velvet Popcorn 600 GM (Large Tin)


So lock your doors, turn the lights out and grab you a tin of Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Popcorn and put on that horror movie/show you've been putting off. We know you want to! This popcorn suggestion mainly has to do with colour -- (if red makes you think blood and gore not, our fault) because who doesn't love a lively red velvet -- and the taste (a solid red velvet + cream cheese), both of which will keep things light while you enjoy some cheap thrills. No promises, though. 

Horrors To Watch: Orphan, Hush, Gerald's Game, The Cabin In The Woods

Sizzling Herbs Peri Peri Popcorn - Action & Adventure

Gourmet Popcorn- Sizzling Herbs Peri Peri Popcorn- 150g (Tin)


Sizzling Herbs Peri Peri. If there ever were an adrenaline pumping, tastebud teasing, action and adventure flavoured popcorn, this is it. Those to watch a movie not to relax but to process and go on an exhilarating journey, pair your action and adventure filled choices with sizzlingly popcorn. It won't disappoint, much like your choice of genre.

Action & Adventure: 6 Underground, John Wick, GI Joe

Blueberry + Crunchy Litchi Popcorn - Comedies

Crunchy Litchi Popcorn 140 GM (Regular Tin)


Feel good relaxing comedies or ROLF comedies, the two will only get better with a side of the most exotic Blueberry or Litchi Popcorn. We say this because your palate needs the same level of entertainment your brain is receiving! Buy multiple tins of these flavours because they run out quick and we know you have a list of comedies that need the perfect company. 

Comedies to watch: The Dictator, 3 Idiots, Hangover

Mocha Popcorn - Documentaries

Mocha Popcorn - 115gm (Pack of 2)


The informative universe of a docu series can suck you in faster than you anticipate and soon it will be 3 am and you still won't want to go to bed because it is that captivating. Which is why the perfect buddy to any documentary is this Mocha Popcorn from Snack and Co. With real coffee and cocoa, this snack will keep you going without making you sleepy or hungry. 

Documentaries to watch: Street Food, Conspiracies, Explained

Peanut Butter Popcorn - Sports

Peanut Butter Popcorn - 80gm


Oo, it's game time and you have a little bit of a party to tend to. Just pop open some Peanut Butter Popcorn from Foodcloud because no flavour pleases a crowd like this one, especially when there's a nail biting sports drama lined up. This sweet and salty combination is also an ode to the major emotion ups-downs we feel when we watch anything sport-related. It's the perfect popcorn fit.

Sports to watch: The Last Dance, Formula1, Dangal

Sour Cream & Wasabi Cheese + Hawaiian Barbecue + Sriracha Lime Cheese - TV Shows

Combo Pouches - Pack of 3- Sour Cream and Wasabi Cheese, Hawaiian BBQ Cheese, Sriracha Lime Cheese


This is our trump card of popcorns, a tempting combination of flavours for when you're watching a bunch of different tv shows through the day or week. Pick one based on your mood and the show's mood and you will realise what a difference that makes! Enjoy, these come as a combo pack!

TV Shows to watch: Friends, Breaking Bad, Dark


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