Highlight Or Dye: Here's Our Pick Of The Best Hair Colour Brands


    They say that if you can’t have a full transformation, start with your hair, and one way to do that while still retaining your length is to colour it! With social distancing, work from home, and just generally more time at home, there’s really no better time to experiment with hair colour. And temporary hair colours work even better if you’re not ready for the commitment of permanent hair colours. Ammonia free hair colours, browns and blacks to cover up greys, blondes to feel fresh, or something wild like purple, here’s our list of the top hair colours you can buy online. 

    BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Range

    BBLUNT: Hair Colour

    An Indian brand (from a popular salon chain), BBLUNT knows what Indian hair needs.  Specifically keeping in mind the impact of hard water use ingredients in the colours will offset the damage that hard water causes to your mane. Promising salon-like results, the hair colour lasts long, leaves your hair soft and shiny, and is ammonia free! The hair dyes are available in basic browns, and a deep blue. Feel free to get their temporary hair colours (the hair makeup range) in wilder shades like pink and green.  

    Garnier Colour Naturals

    Amazon.in: Garnier: Hair Color

    A pretty common sight on shelves in nearly every department store, this is a great option for those of you who want to experiment with natural tones. Get warm and cool browns, burgundy, jet black, shades of burgundy (wine and plum among others), raspberry red, and similar shades for men. What’s cool is that they have smaller value packs (to match natural hair colours specifically) for touch ups and covering greys. 


    Amazon.in: STREAX: HAIR COLOUR

    The colours that Streax offer (the natural to Indian hair at least) have been strengthened with walnuts oils we’re told. Apart from offering global hair colour options, over the years, they’ve been known to offer options specifically for highlights, lowlights, and yes, streaks too. Their options include blondes (global and highlights), browns, blacks, and punk-rock friendly violet, green, blue, and red(s). They also have shampoo colour options, and gel based colouring options too! The lighter shades come with lightening solutions. 


    Amazon.in : Matrix

    You’ll recognise Matrix fairly easily as a professional range of hair colour, as it’s commonly used. What this means is that it’s slightly more expensive than regular box dye, but the quality is far superior. Available in tubes, you’ll need to know the number code that corresponds to the shade you’re looking for. They’ve got a wide range of brown shades that look really natural once applied. The colour and the developer will need to be bought separately, so keep that in mind if you’re buying anything from the Matrix hair colour range online. 


    Amazon.in: Vegetal

    Vegetal is an organic brand that makes Ayurvedic and organic hair dye! While the colour options are limited to browns and blacks, they also have henna (the OG Indian hair dye option). What makes them special is that the hair colours come with the additional benefits of Ayurvedic hair products. However, this also means that you will have to apply the colour a couple of times (over the course of a week) for it to really stick. You will also need to keep the colour on for longer when you do apply it. But if it means less damage to our tresses, then we'll take it!