Flame On: The Best Hot Sauces You Need To Have In Your Kitchen


    If you are like this writer who believes that the dish is tastier if it's spicier then this list is for you. We're going beyond the Tabascos of the world here in this list. All these hot sauces have been tested by some of the hotheads at LBB, so rest assured when we say it's a hot sauce, it's not for the faint-hearted and the sweet tooths. Without further ado, here's our round-up of the best hot sauces you can buy online. 

    Disclaimer: Please note that some of these hot sauce may not be available for delivery right now owing to the current times. 

    Sprig Bhut Jolokia Sauce

    Jolokia Sauce

    Jolokia Sauce

    Our favourite hot sauce in this list, Sprig's Bhut Jolokia sauce is hot as advertised. It's made with one of the hottest chillis in the world, the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper, and you need a few drops to instantly turn any dish into a volcano. We have used this sauce in almost everything -- sunny sides, marinades for meat, sandwiches, ramen broths, mayo, and salsa. In terms of flavour profile, apart from the intense heat, you get a nice kick that doesn't overpower the rest of the flavour. Unless you pour the whole bottle in. 

    Price: INR 349 for a 120 g bottle.

    Where To Buy It: It's available on Sprig's website and you can order it online via Amazon and Big Basket too. 

    Nando's Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce

    Hot Peri Peri Sauce

    Hot Peri Peri Sauce

    Whenever we have dined at Nando's, we've always asked for the extra hot peri peri marinated chicken coolly ignoring the staff's robotic answer of "But it's really spicy". And when we've got our order, we douse it with more of Nando's Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce. We are not sure about others, and while this sauce doesn't make us cry, we love the heat it packs from the African Bird's Eye Chilli. A spoonful of this can be used as a marinade, sandwich spread or dipping sauce. Or pretty much on anything. The lemon-onion-garlic combo adds a nice tangy zing to the whole mix. 

    Price: INR 390 for a 250 g bottle.

    Where To Buy: 
    You can buy Nando's Extra Hot Peri Peri sauce online on Big Basket, Nature's Basket and Amazon. 

    ENE Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

    East By North East (ENE) has three hot sauces for you to buy online, but it's the extra hot version that we love. Its main ingredient, which you should have already guessed by the brand's name, is Bhut Jolokia. If we were to compare it to Sprig's Bhut Jolokia, this one packs a punch that's just a notch lower. Nonetheless, a squirt of this sauce is enough to make unsuspecting people weep while those who love the heat will relish every drop of it. The best thing about the sauce is that it's made with bhut jolokia puree, not powder. 

    Price: INR 200 for a 200 ml bottle.

    Where To Buy: You can buy ENE Extra Hot Chilli Sauce from their website as well as on Amazon. 

    Real Thai Sriracha Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

    Real Thai Sriracha Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

    Real Thai Sriracha Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

    Yes, most of you will argue that Huy Fung Foods, Inc. Sriracha Sauce is the real deal, but hear us out. We are picking this one for the heat it packs because when we compare it to Huy Fung's Sriracha Sauce, we found this one to be the wilder one. You can instantly turn any dish to have a spicy, Asian flavour to it. Scrambled eggs to fried potatoes and all those stir-fried noodle and rice recipes, just add this sauce to make it stand out. 

    Price: INR 190 for a 230 ml bottle.

    Where To Buy It: You can Real Thai Sriracha Extra Hot Chilli Sauce online on Amazon and Big Basket. 

    Bira 91 Hot Sauce

    It's the Habanero chillis and the Kashmiri chilli combo in the sauce that does it for us. It packs a decent amount of heat to work as a dip for your chips and finger food, and we love that nice little tangy aftertaste it has as well. You can use this as a marinade too and we realised it works well with chicken, especially when you are cooking fried chicken recipes. 

    Price: INR 299 for a 350 g bottle.

    Where To Buy: You can buy the Bira 91 Hot Sauce online on Amazon. 

    Naagin Original

    Naagin Bhoot

    Naagin Bhoot

    Naagin is a homegrown hot sauce brand that uses local ingredients to make their sauces. They have another variant called the Naagin Bhoot which is made with Bhut Jolokia, but we are giving that a skip for their Original because we liked the medium-spicy heat in this sauce. Made from Sankeshwari chilli, you won't end up crying while using this sauce, but this is the perfect beginner level sauce for aspiring hot sauce heads. You can always take it up the next level with their Naagin Bhoot. 

    Price: INR 225 for a 230 g bottle.

    Where To Buy: You can buy the Naagin Original hot sauce online on their website. 

    Veeba Sriracha Chilli Sauce

    Sriracha Chilli Sauce

    Sriracha Chilli Sauce

    If you have used Veeba sauces, then you'll know that they have a Bhut Jolokia version too but then this will become a best Bhut Jolokia sauces list that a hot sauce list. Having said that, Veeba's Sriracha Chilli Sauce still packs the heat that we love and it's the perfect dipping sauce you need for all your street food-inspired snacks that you make at home. Think momos, wontons, and the ever-popular Manchurian-recipes. Yup, we've added this sauce to our Chicken Manchurian recipe and it's lent its heat and distinct garlicky zing. 

    Price: INR 129 for a 320 g bottle.

    Where To Buy: You can buy Veeba Sriracha Chilli Sauce on Big Basket.   

    Habanero Hot Sauce

    The Habanero Hot Sauce isn't the spiciest we've had but it still can perk up your salsa, your sunny side ups, and anything you wish you add a dash of spice to. Made with red chilli, red pepper and natural chilli extract, you only need a few drops to get the taste buds tingling. 

    Price: INR 120 for a 75 g bottle.

    Where To Buy It From: You can buy Habanero Hot Sauce from their website. 

    El Diablo Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!! Sauces Combo

    Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!! Sauces Combo - Set of 3 (250g Each)

    Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!! Sauces Combo - Set of 3 (250g Each)


    Aptly named the 'devil', El Diablo's hot sauces are notorious, especially this combo called Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!! We love and appreciate that we get three very different hot sauces (and their best sellers) to try and experiment with in one go -- Super Hot Ghost Chili, Cranberry Ghost Chili, Hot AF Sauces. Like the other sauces from this homegrown label, these too taste super fresh just that all the three star bhoot jolokia as the star ingredient! We love the Cranberry Ghost Chili best! 

    Price: INR 999 for three 250 g bottle

    Where To Buy It From: Right here on the LBB Shop!


    Make sure you're pairing your hot sauces with the right things, like these Chips, Noodles Soups & Pastas, Breakfasts, Ready-to-cook Meals and the likes, or literally anything you enjoy it with! If you're addicted to condiments like we are check out these amazing Dips & Sauces pronto!