Got Oily Skin? Lotion To Spritzers, These Products Are Ideal For You


    Nobody likes Mr. Greasy and Ms. Oily. Not in their food and most definitely not on their face. This brings us to the skin type that everybody dreads, oily skin. No, we're not going to discuss your beauty woes oily skin fam, instead, we're going to be giving you solutions in the form of this list of awesome skincare products, ideal for you!

    Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel

    Avene Cleanance Gel

    Start off by understanding that water-based anything is awesome for your skin! Like this mild-water based cleanser from Avene. It rids your skin of all the dirt and impurities without clogging your pores. The cleansing gel has glyceryl laurate a compound that helps regulate sebum/oil production. It is also soap and paraben free which means you can use it twice a day (morning and evening preferably) 

    Price: INR 800

    Lotus Herbals Berry Scrub Face Wash

    Lotus Herbals Berry Scrub Strawberry And Aloe Vera Exfoliating Face Wash, 120g: Beauty

    A good oily skin exfoliator is hard to come by but the Lotus Berry Scrub does a fairly good job. It's a mild scrub, therefore it gently removes the dead skin without aggravation and reduces excess oil production. The aloe vera extracts will also help soothe the skin and keep the pores from plugging.

    Price: INR 18-

    Plum Green Tea Toner

    Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner - 200ml

    Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner - 200ml


    The glycolic acid and green tea leaf extract in Plum's alcohol free toner makes it a winner for oily skin. Apply it right after exfoliation and it will make those pores almost invisible! So, all you will be left with is refined skin with zero sign of oiliness. 

    Price: INR 390

    Navah Rise and Refresh Tea Tree Face Mist

    Rise and Refresh Tea Tree Face Mist

    Rise and Refresh Tea Tree Face Mist


    Tea tree oil works wonders for oily skin and this face mist by local brand Navah is packed with its goodness. These essential oils help balance the pH levels of the skin all while it rejuvenates and hydrates. Great to spritz at any time of the day and especially after you've cleansed.

    Price: INR 425

    Trnatva Facial Kit

    All Natural Facial Kit For Oily Skin (25g)

    All Natural Facial Kit For Oily Skin (25g)


    This facial kit has been created keeping oily skin in mind so you know it's going to be effective. It is also going to show results because Trnatva uses only natural ayurvedic ingredients like lotus, hibiscus, chamomile, and manjistha (helps control breakouts, super common with oily skin). We especially like this kit because it comes with a cleanser, floral steam, scrub and under eye cream. All with instructions and steps with how to use and these are 5gm packs, so perfect for one single use.

    Price: 330

    Amoha Moroccon Rasshoul Clay Mask

    Moroocon Rhassoul Clay Face Mask (Skin Nourishing & Toning) - 75gm

    Moroocon Rhassoul Clay Face Mask (Skin Nourishing & Toning) - 75gm


    Nothing kills the nasty oil on the skin as instantly as a good face mask does. And peeps with oily skin, clay and charcoal masks are proven to work best on yours. This Moroccan Rasshoul Clay Mask from Amoha has only one ingredient (natural clay), is soothing, will clear your skin and will nourish it at the same time. We recommend using it at least once a week for best results.

    Price: 350

    Mamaearth Oil Free Moisturiser

    Mamaearth | Official Website | Buy Natural Skin Care Products Online.

    Mamaearth | Official Website | Buy Natural Skin Care Products Online.

    Just because your skin is naturally moisturised most of the time doesn't mean you steer clear of moisturisers and creams. The key is to pick oil free moisturisers and not the pore clogging heavy formulas. Which is what makes Mamaearth's moisture your best bet. It is free from silicones, toxins, parabens, and harmful chemicals. Its non-greasy formula hydrates your skin without sending your oil glands into overdrive.

    Price: INR 299

    Matra Tea Tree Oil Serum

    Tea Tree Oil Clear Skin Serum

    Tea Tree Oil Clear Skin Serum


    Serums aren't an absolute necessity but if and when you're feeling dehydrated opt for the Matra Tea Tree Serum. It's light, hydrating, has anti-acne and brightening properties. Its lightweight formula gets absorbed by the skin easily, so you don't have to worry about that everlasting shine. We however suggest using it before bedtime. 

    Price: INR 595

    Organic Harvest Sunscreen For Oily Skin

    Sunscreen - For Oily Skin SPF 30, 100 gm

    Sunscreen - For Oily Skin SPF 30, 100 gm


    Sunscreen is one product and step people with oily skin shouldn't skip. Make sure you layer it on well before stepping out. The Organic Harvest Sunscreen for oily skin is  mineral based and has organic zinc oxide among other ingredients that absorbs oil making it your ideal choice. 

    Price: 395

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    Oily Skin Skincare

    Oily Skin Skincare

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