Throwing A House Party For Your Squad? Dial Up These Home Chefs For Biryani


    Hosting a hit party is no mean feat these days. There are a million things to take care off and everyone is disappointed if you don’t serve amazing food. But, as usual, we are here to help. Nothing pleases party guests better than a plate of delicious biryani, and the fact that you don’t have to arrange several courses — biryani is a great saviour. And we’ve got you the names and details of the home chefs in the city that can deliver just that.

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    Anisa’s Kitchen


    Zawaqa Home Caterers

    Kammanahalli, Bangalore

    Mahajabeen Sheikh leads the busy kitchens at this catering service. Based out of Kamanahalli, Sheikh serves up dum-style biryani by the kilo. She specialises in mutton {INR 1,800 per kilo}, chicken {INR 1,700 per kilo}, and also fish and prawn {rates are seasonal} versions. With the biryani, you can order up her famed kababs, malai chicken, and Hariyali chicken. They don’t deliver so you’ll have to pick it from her address and she’ll need a day’s notice, at least, to ensure you get your order

    Anisa’s Kitchen

    Anisa's Kitchen

    Frazer town, Bangalore

    Through the years, Anisa’s Kitchen’s fame has spread far and wide. And many of her customers say that her popularity in well-warranted. For your house party, you can order up servings of her fragrant biryani. The mutton comes at INR 1,600 per kilo and chicken at INR 1,500 for the same quantity. To ensure that you have a feast on your hands, serve up her top-notch biryani with helpings of her Afghani Kebabs {chicken slathered with yogurt and pepper before being grilled}, Shami Kebabs {ground and spice mutton fried to a crisp}, and Chicken Cutlets.

    Mrs Khan’s Biryani

    Anybody who has hunted for biryani by the kilos in this town has heard of the fabulous Mrs Khan. From her kitchens on Hutchins Road, she doles out large batches of her excellent biryani. You can buy by the plate {INR 185 for mutton, INR 160 for chicken}. Or pack up kilos {INR 1,300 for mutton and INR 1,100 for chicken}. That’s not all. Her Pepper Mutton Masala is pretty good and so are her kababs and pepper chicken. You’ll have to give her four to five days notice and also pick up your order.

    Papadum & Some

    Specialising in Syrian Christian delights that she grew up on, Tresa Francis sure can deliver a feast. Treat yourself and your guests to her awesome, lightly-spiced biryani {INR 330 for mutton, INR 250 for chicken} and you’ll know we aren’t lying. Along with the biryani, we recommend portions of Chicken Roast or her spicy salan. Francis does deliveries throughout Bangalore but a charge applies.

    Naeem Khan

    Popular on Mealboat, Naeem Khan is a legend. Hyderabadi cuisine is his speciality and he’s got a long list of delicious dishes. The crowning glory, however, is the slow-cooked biryani {INR 2706 for mutton}. We love that he uses 1.5 kilos of mutton to a kilo of basmati rice so you can sink your teeth into plenty of tender meat. He also offers Chicken {INR 2,471} and Mutton Kheema {INR 3,000} versions.  The Bagara Baingan {eggplant in tangy peanut and sesame gravy} and Achari Chicken go perfectly with the biryani.

    Sameera Turab

    We’ve heard Sameera’s customers describe her biryani as “mind blowing” and we tend to agree with that adjective. Turab lives near Richard’s Park and is known for her sensational Mughlai style biryani. If you want one kilo of mutton to go into a kilo of biryani, the price is INR 1,800. And for 1.5 kilos of meat to one kilo of rice, the price is INR 2,000. Chicken biryani comes at INR 1,800. You’ll have to give her a couple of days of notice and also pick up the delivery.

    Feasts And Burps

    Started off around a year ago by Jincy Mathew, Feasts And Burps serves up some stellar Malabar-style Chicken Biryani. Using rose water and other fragrant spices, Mathew prepares the light-as-air biryani. For small orders, the biryani is priced at INR 170 per plate and for more than 10 plates, you pay INR 160 for each plate. You can also order up fried kababs, chilly chicken, Chicken 65 and Manchurian. The business is based near Bannerghatta Road, and you’ll have to pick up the order or agree to a delivery charge. However, for large orders, she does free deliveries within a five kilo meter radius.