What Is It?

Reuniting after about 15 years, Bombay Black comes to town with their off-beat underground indie music — ahead-of-its-time electronica, that is now all the rage. Rounding up the old crew, Paresh and Naresh Kamath {the brothers who also roped in Kailash Kher to make Kailasa, the band}, Lindsay Dmello, John Jaideep Thirumalai, Rinku Rajput, Nikhil Mulay and Randolph Correia {who formed Shaa’ir and Func with Monica Dogra}, will be in attendance and we’re convinced it’s going be an epic night! Following the band’s performance, Randolph will take over the console for a set in his solo DJ avatar as Func.

Who Is It For?

Those around from the 90s say ‘Aye’! While you may be used to their old-school sound of rock meets funk, we’re happy to report that their latest song, Boing Boing from their brand new album titled, Snow White and the Seven Bungalows {ha, get it? The Mumbai locality?} only improves on it. So, go here for that eclectic rock that created waves back in 1999, and a break from Cheap Thrills and I Took A Pill In Ibiza.

Why Should I Go?

Oh the eclectic tunes they made! Remember Kashmir? And Cherrapunji? And Home? Those tracks really did pave way for off-beat music to take centre stage in India. Those looking for EDM can skip this one. But if you’re looking for funk, rock, hip-hop and lyrics that are true to the musicians performing them, then make your way to blueFROG on Saturday.

When: Sunday, August 7

Where: blueFROG, 3, Church Street

Price: INR 300 entry

Timings: 9pm onwards

Find the event on Facebook here.

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Feature Photo: Bombay Black