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    Don't Run To The Hills: Turn Your House Into A Cool Vacation Home In These 4 Easy Ways!

    Priya posted on 11 May

    Temperatures are soaring and summers call for a vacation… To someplace cold, frosty and pleasant. But with Indian summers there is no predicting when the heat will go away and you can’t exactly go to the hills for a good three months. So, how about we get the vibes of a chill vacation, home?

    Get these things set up and let your winter staycation begin without leaving your house!

    Get The Temperature Right

    You need to be under 20 in the day and {if adventurous} under 10 during the night. What you need is a Wi-Fi controlled air conditioner that will start up before you hit your room. Check out some available options with Lloyd Air Conditioners here. You will get some good energy efficiency {save on electricity bills} ones that clean themselves {phew!}.

    The Log Series

    Give your home the perfect winter feels with log or wooden furniture. Get loveseats, tables, cosy diwaans and more. Set them up with some throw pillows and fluffy rugs. Use some pine-scented polish and you will feel like its a vacation in Aspen.

    Let’s Vibe It Up

    You don’t need to go to the hills to know that they are a Ladakhi affair. Bike trips between the mountains, milestones that remind you that the destination is not too far, and prayer flags. If you don’t have those, did you even go to Ladakh? Set up these flags and twinkling fairy light to give enjoy a star-lit environment inside the house. Don’t forget, the Buddhism inspired souvenirs that go up everywhere!

    #LBBTip: You can’t really do hill vibes if there is no Maggi. Make some piping hot noodles and serve with a steaming cup of tea {or coffee}

    Fire In The Mountain, Don’t Run

    What have all the cheesy rom-coms taught us? There is no winter without some fire! Get faux fireplaces if you live in a super-hot area and electric or brick ones if you have space and have winters that need one. Light it up, make some hot chocolate, get a blanket and curl up with a book {or bae} for that cosy feel.

    This might not be the same as an actual vacation to the hills but it is the best until you plan something. For now, we have cranked up our ACs and are fully set to bring back winters.

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