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From Pink Cane Baskets To Pretty Glass Lanterns, Butterfly Wings Decor Store Is A Pinterest-y Dream


    Butterfly wings is a tiny little store on Aga Abbas Ali Road that is packed with decor elements that are sure to up the cuteness quotient of any home.

    The DIY Lab

    From glittery upcycled glass bottles to coloured-glass mirrored votives, Butterfly Wings is the the decor stop that’s here to turn your Pinterest dreams into a reality. Right next to Thom’s Bakery, this little store looks like a full fledged arts and crafts lab, with little trinkets, knick-knacks and quirky furniture lying around. With hot pink cane baskets, pretty glass lanterns with fairy-lights, a range of ceramic bowls and trays in soothing pastels and mossy green cane bookshelves, there’s plenty here to add a fun pop of colour and kitsch to your space. Sticking to handmade crafts and projects, everything here is handcrafted, making each piece one of a kind. Which makes this a place with plenty of gifting options. And pick up a roll of handmade paper gift wrap from here to package to goodies too. Prices start at INR 100 and go up to INR 5,000.

    For The Love Of Art

    Around for over four years now, Butterfly Wings is the brainchild of Neeta Mohapatra Gawri, a former marketing professional. The store was started to bring handmade crafts to the fore front and protect local skill and craftsmanship. For instance, the decor brand worked closely with the artisans of the Raghurajpur community of Orissa to create an entire range of Pattachitra {a traditional cloth-based scroll painting technique} decor accessories. So if your looking for a piece of rich cultural and artistic value to put in your home, you can pick it up from here.

    Interior Styling

    Apart from being a decor store, Butterfly Wings also offers an interior styling service. If you’re looking to create a quirky and personal space in your home, give these guys a call. They aim to create an environment that reflects your personality and quirks with their decor. And they also work with furniture on their indoor styling assignments, so you can get a truly unique seater or coffee table to put in your living room. Check them out on Facebook here.