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Stoned, Oxidised Or Hammered: Build Your Bling Case With Fly Jewellery Pieces!


    What Makes It Awesome

    The glitzy and glamorous world of bling is one we're always willing to lose ourselves in so naturally when we found Joyera on Shop On LBB we did what we knew best -- took a deep dive! It was then we realised this MP brand is like that jewellery street or market your city is famous for, only difference is that now it's easily accessible and online. No wonder it's aptly named Joyera, Spanish for 'jewel box'. If you thought because it brought us joy, you ain't wrong either! 

    Everything that your bling case needs is what Joyera stocks. So it could be colourful costume jewellery made entirely of textiles, stone and metal bases, or classic sterling silver jewellery as delicate drop earrings, pendants and bracelets or their best sellers -- chunky oxidised jewellery in many tribal and Indian designs. We also spotted brass pieces like coin necklaces and heavy bracelets, a few pieces from Nagaland and Assam too. 

    The reason Joyera is able to stock such versatile handcrafted pieces is because they source jewellery not just from India but across the globe. Newest on their line are the agate, resin finish and semi precious stone earrings together with temple design or heritage style neck pieces. Of everything they source, the earrings are the bestsellers and have the most variety.

    Apart from bringing us such a vast mix of options, Joyera also prices its designer jewellery at affordable rates to sport effortlessly, everyday! Prices start at INR 350 upwards.