Goda, Recheado And Garam: Online Stores That Stock Regional Masalas

Love experimenting with different flavours in the kitchen? Then this post is just for you! Indian cuisine is made up of countless culinary traditions that differ from region to region. And each of them comes with their own ingredients and homegrown spices that make them stand out. While these spice mixes were previously out of reach and rare to come by, online shopping has now made it possible to snap these up in minutes. From Goan and Coorgi to Punjabi, Dilli, and the North East, LBB tells you where you can source masalas from around India. Spice up your life, folks!

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Delight Foods

Goosebumps Pickles

Mumbai-based, Goosebumps Pickles gives you jars of masalas {and pickles} that are packed with mommy goodness. Made under the watchful eyes of a team of mommies, their masalas are sure to remind you of the cooking back home. They have a limited line up of masalas that feature the staple South Indian duo — sambhar and rasam. They also offer jars of garam masala, methi masala, and even tea masala.

Delight Foods

This online store sources foods, of all kinds, from around India and have a dedicated Masalas & Mixes section that will make you very happy. Prepare to be spoiled for choice with pages of products that include Kutchi Chaas Masala, Goan Curry Masala, Goda {a Maharashtrian specialty}, and even Jain Maggi Masala! Want more? Recheado Masala Paste, Rasam powders, and Special Sambhar powders also make the cut.

Taste Bells

There’s a special focus on Allahabadi spice mixes at this online store. Since many of us Bangaloreans keep cribbing about the fact that authentic North Indian treats are rarely found in the city, Taste Bells may help solve your troubles. You can whip up a storm with Kachori, Samosa, Dum Aloo, and Chole Masalas from here. There are also Goan Xacuti Masalas and Chettinadu mixes on offer.

Shop Hop

This website offers artisanal and homegrown products. They have a few rare {and exciting} picks under their Masala Section. Thinking of a Bengali meal? Then, pick from Big Bong Kitchen’s Bengal-inspired garam and biryani masalas. There’s also Panch Phoran {a blend of five spices} and Bhaja Masala {that’s made with three spices}. Mamakutti’s Moroccan Dry Spice Rub and Vrindavan’s Moringa Powder are also available.

Organic Shop

For those of you who love all things organic, this online store is paradise. You can take home tins of their Agra Achari Masala, Agra Chaat, Dilli Rajma, or Dilli Channa Masala. Want to stick to South Indian? Add packets of Rasam, Sambhar, or Vangibath {a flavoured rice} to your shopping cart. Best part is, even, though it’s organic, the prices remain humble.

Pickle & Powder

For masala powders that are homemade and free of preservatives this is a great option. They source their offerings straight from homemakers so you can expect the real deal. Apart from the ubiquitous sambhar powder, they also have Bitter Gourd Powder, Coconut & Garlic Powder, and Velluli Karam {a spicy garlic powder from the Andhra region}.


A website dedicated to North East specials. How can you possibly resist? They have plenty of herbal and organic offerings. And while they don’t stock up on spice mixes, they line up a lot of unusual, whole spice powders that should add new flavours to your cooking. You can snap up packets of Garlic Root and Bulb Powders as well as powdered Anishi Leaves {colocasia leaves}, which is a key ingredient in North Eastern cooking. They also offer Shaa Machal – a spice mix perfect for non-vegetarian preparations.

Place Of Origin

From Goa to Coorg to Punjab, Place of Origin showcases masalas from across the country. There are powders that you can add to those quickly whipped up meat curries and for classics like Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh. There are also mixes to prepare Coorgi Pork and Goa’s Vindaloo. On the vegetarian side of things, there are Peppery Rasam Pastes, Sour Gongura Leaf Mixes as well as the regular line up of Garam and Sambhar Masalas.