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Be Vocal For Local & Support This Handloom Enterprise With A Social Cause!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Do you love handlooms? Are you also a supporter of brands that support fair wages and socially conscious manufacturing and buying? Then you would love to learn about ‘Abhihaara’. It’s a social enterprise initiated in July 2015, with a commitment to sustaining handloom and craft-based livelihoods in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. They illustrate a powerful thread that binds cotton growers with weavers, garment makers and craft artisans. They are striving to conserve the rich diverse cultural heritage of these areas.

The brand sells via its website and social media pages. They work with various weavers across these two states and not only find a market to sell the textiles but also do design interventions and training for learning new techniques that can be imbibed with the old craft. The fair wages system ensures the well-being of the weaver families and encourages them to develop their craft and make it adapt well with the modern sensibilities.

The website will provide you with a range of textile products to choose from, including yardage (that can be used for custom tailoring), quilts, sarees, stoles, dupattas and a select range of readymade garments for women. The designs and patterns keep changing and the social media accounts are updated regularly. You can also message them and ask for particular colour preferences and such. If you are looking at gifting something nice to yourself or to the special women in your life, a garment from Abhihaara is really a classy option.

Rest assured what you buy from these guys is authentic and also socially conscious. So be Desi and buy Desi.