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Camping, Trekking And A Finnish Smoke Sauna: Let This Kodai Farm Work Its Magic On You


    Escape the big city life, and get in on the action at Kodai Camp, an organic farm up in the hills where magnificent views, smoke saunas and bonfires reign supreme.

    High On A Hill

    Set atop a hill in Kodai, Kodai Camp is an eco-campsite, smack in the buffer zone of the Kodaikanal wildlife sanctuary. That obviously means that apart from a 360-degree view of the hill station, you might also be lucky enough to see wild goats, the Indian bison and perhaps elephants. At the very least, you’ll hear them! And being in a natural setting, expect langurs, reptiles, over 50 species of birds and deer for company too.

    The Simple Life

    Keeping it simple and rustic, you can pick from dormitories with old-school summer camp bunk beds or opt for the more private wooden cottages. I really liked the cottages as they’re cosy and perfect to set the mood for a country-side holiday. Ideal for families, close friends and even couples, each has a deck overlooking a scenic section of the reserve. See, I told you it’s magical! But, oh, when in Kodai Camp, one must camp, no? So stock up on tents from the city, gather the tribe and pitch it on the campsite. It’s super fun, and the best way to really enjoy nature {although it’s cold in winter!}. But then too, warm up over bonfires {bring games and cards} and homely organic meals, and you’ll soon start to appreciate the simple things in life.

    Turn Up The Heat

    Fully making use of their vast 10-acre property, they also have plenty of activities on site. For the littler ones, the dairy farm with desi cows, country chicken, pigeons, ducks, geese and turkeys can turn playmates. While the older kids and adults can get adventurous with low rope and obstacle courses to test your balance, or head off on a long trek. They even have a pond where if you call in advance, you can do some basic scuba diving.

    The most interesting activity though is the Finnish Smoke Sauna. Historically, in Finland, this kind of smoke sauna would be used for cleansing, and improving spirituality. This slightly modified one has a wooden structure, wooden ceiling, a low doorway, lack of chimney and a beautiful scent of smoke. Oh, and there’s also a hot tub. Both facilities are open all night in case you want to heat things up — metaphorically and literally!