CashNoCash, A New Website, Will Tell You Which ATM To Go To And Which To Avoid


In what might be the best news you’ll hear today, or for a while, this new website —, will tell you exactly which ATMs around you have or have run out of notes. Thank God for technology!

Cashing In

Hallelujah, there’s some sort of godly power looking over us. Or maybe it’s just two smart lads —Manjunath Talwar and Abhijit Khasnis, who are watching over us. While the demonetisation process has really drained the entire country of patience, not to mention the endless queues outside ATMs, these guys silently created an online portal to ease the pain. To help you save time, CashNoCash is a simple, clean website which tells you when an ATM has cash.

In The Zone

All you need to do is key in your postcode and it’ll throw up multiple options within the zone. Since queues are running into miles, they even have a nifty little feature that lets you create an alert for your closest ATMs. It even shows you if there’s a waiting time or if you can breeze by successfully. Supported by Quikr and NASSCOM, the data is also crowd-sourced so if you know of the status at a specific ATM, you just need to tell them by clicking on the black location point and update it directly to say Cash, No Cash or Long Wait.

Finally, there’s something to smile about and be thankful for. Now, let the chase begin!

Check it out here.