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Celebrate 20 Years Of Harry Potter With Butter Beer, Quiz, And Tea Leaves Reading

Sreepathy posted on 22 June

What is it?

Potterheads, get ready to feel old. On Monday, June 26, it’ll be 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone first released. Yes, 20 years. That’s as long as the epilogue set after Voldemort’s defeat at the Battle of Hogwarts. Man, are we old. But come Sunday, June 25, it’s not a day to feel old, rather a day to celebrate the wonderful world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and everything magical with British Council’s Literary Lounge — Season 2: Celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Who Is It For?

Muggles, half-bloods, purebloods, elves, trolls, squibs, centaurs, goblins, Death Eaters, and basically anyone who wishes racing broomsticks were real. Anybody who has reached the grand age of nine and above are welcome to come and be a part of this magical event. Oh, and yes, if you have your house robes, a wand that chose you, and the likes, feel free to bring them to the party. Sip on some Butter Beer and mingle with fellow Slytherins and other housemates.

Why Should I Go For It?

For starters, there’s a song to kick start the festivities {not conducted by Professor Flitwick}, a NEWT-level quiz, and a fan-fiction competition for you to let your creativity run wild. Oh, and all this while you are enjoying trolley treats {bring your Galleons} and getting your teacups read by the resident Tessomancy and Divination professor. Oh blimey, lest we forget it’s the fan fiction competition that you really need to watch out for.

Basically, the fan fiction should revolve around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, post the Battle of Hogwarts. The entries will be judged by age group: 9 to 16, and 17 and above. The rules you ask? Write about whatever you feel like, but all entries should be around 500 words. But any references to JK Rowling’s sequel to the Harry Potter series in her book titled The Cursed Child will be disqualified. All entries should be emailed to and/or by 10 am on June 23.

When: Sunday, 25 June, 4 pm to 6.30 pm
Where: British Council, 23, Prestige Takt, Kasturba Road Cross,
Price: Free entry. RSVP to Ugandhar Kothwal at or call on 0120-4569000/6684353

For more information: Call Rōmal Lāisram on +919986156123.

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locationAshok Nagar

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British Council

locationAshok Nagar