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Are You Ready For Bangalore's First Christmas Pokémon GO Crawl Today?

Aakanksha posted on 24 December

What Is It?

If you're still on the Pokémon GO bandwagon, then first of all, congratulations. You have already outlasted most people and you've outlived the ban. Secondly, this is the first Christmas crawl, and the whole of players of this fine game will be gathering at Cubbon Park to find new kinds of Pokemon and bring down the other teams by loading up on candies and stardust.

Who Is It For?

Let’s first tell you who it’s not for. If you have no clue who Pickachu, Team Valour, Team Instinct or Team Mystic is, then this is not for you. But once you’re done reading this story, you’ll likely go research, get obsessed and then this will be for you! If you’ve already chosen your colours {red, blue or yellow} then make sure you’re at this event. Some of us might just tag along so we can take photographs of the hoards of Poké fellows roaming the city randomly taking photos on their phones, and behaving like they’ve found the Promised Land, again.

Why Should I Go For It?

To take over the world, naturally! Since you need to overthrow other teams to be the supreme survivors in specific places. Make sure you have a proper stock of ammunition as you don’t want to let your respective teams down. Plus, it's the day before Christmas, you might as well get out and get active before the feasting begins!

What Do I Need?

You need lures, plenty of Poké balls for your team doesn't disown you, water to keep you going, a power bank so your phone doesn’t die on you, and then another to charge the power bank. Plus, a decent internet connection and a smart enough phone to help you keep up with the iPhones!


If you’re not playing Pokémon Go, just make sure you don’t get in these people’s way. They’ll be the ones taking photos of imaginary things in the middle of the street, on top of a building, or even outside a church.

Where: Cubbon Park

When: Saturday, December 24

Timings: Noon-6pm

Find the event on Facebook here.

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locationKasturba Road

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locationKasturba Road