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Cocosoul Has Amazing Products For Vegans & The Health Freaks Out There

What Makes It Awesome?

Cold Press Virgin Coconut oil is the new superfood. We all feel that Coconut oil has a pungent smell and we can't cook with it, yet that's healthy. Cocosoul has introduced Virgin Coconut Oil which when used to cook, we do not get the odour and since it's cold-pressed, the nutritional value is not lost at all. The Chef here at Green Theory made these amazing dishes like Salads, Charred Corn and amazing Agio Olio. This never had the pungent odour rather turned out to be awesome. Many amazing products of Cocosoul are Natural and organic Virgin Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Spread and peanut butter which are all sheer classy and the highlight is that these are Vegan-Friendly.