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A New Pan-Asian Restaurant Is Opening In CBD And We Know Exactly Where

While we’ve seen this rooftop space shrouded in mystery for a while, we guessed by the façade paper, {they’re filled with familiar phrases in Chinese, Thai, Malay among others} that it’s going to be an Asian restaurant. And lo and behold, we were right. Get ready to say konnichiwa to Misu.

Smack in the centre of town on the bustling St Marks Road, beside quirky restaurant The Open Box, it’ll be the first of its kind in the area. Going by the Facebook page, we’re expecting a fine dining restaurant with a hint of casual fun, and plenty of food from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and presumably, Japan {well, the name is Misu!}. We’re hoping there will be dim sum, sushi and those amazing soup meals that South East Asia is so well known for! Opening on Monday, April 17, we can’t wait to check this one out.

Watch this space for more…