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#DressItUp: The Corporate Guide On How To Look {And Feel} Like A Boss

Mary posted on 20th May

Picture this. It’s Monday morning and in the hurry to get to work, you spill some filter coffee on your brand new shirt. Now what do you do? You can curse humanity all you like, but what if we told you that you can get back your shirt, like it was before? ‘How?’ you ask; simple just hand it over to the peeps at Pressto India, who will clean your shirt to its former glory.

And because we have provided you the simplest hack to keeping your work wardrobe clean and sophisticated, we think it’s time to upgrade it, with some classic pieces for the upcoming season. Excited? Well, let’s get to work then.

A Statement Suit

Hardly bothered by trends, a well fitted suit is an essential addition to any wardrobe. It is always a good idea to customise your suit according to your specific needs, as finding one that fits like a glove might not be such an easy task. Another thing to keep in mind – it always pays to make an effort and focus on small details like the hint of a silk pocket kerchief, the glint of a tie bar, a set of cuff links. Looking dapper is indeed a simple affair.

Where: Creyate {located in Phoenix Mall} allows you to make your own formal outfits. From the the lapel of your blazer, lining, the buttons, collars, you can literally customise every aspect of your outfit with them


If your cubicle life leans more towards the traditional side, a nice formal sari is an ideal addition to your wardrobe. Put on the final touches with some statement jewellery and a good pair of heels. What’s more is that if you are looking to head out for a quiet dinner with your SO or even friends, this is one outfit that will have you looking good everywhere.

WhereTaneira {in Indira Nagar} has really gorgeous handloom saris from all over the country. Also, if  you are looking for something specific, they have a Style Studio, where you can customise your own perfect outfit. Want to place an order online? Rustorange has you sorted!

A Formal Dress

Dresses, especially in fun, bright colours are a nice way to add some vibrancy to your work wardrobe. Our recommendation? Something classic and flattering is a good choice, because they are versatile, polished and perfect for the long commute. Plus, with some heels and pretty earrings, this one is sure to be a great outfit for the post-work scenes as well.

WhereNicobar {on Commercial Street} has something for every girl boss in the city. Whether you like embroidered cotton dresses or printed ones, this one is sure to match both your expectations and budget. Strut around like the boss you always were!

A Basic White Shirt

This is another must-have in any man’s work wardrobe. When an event calls for a shirt and tie, this is one shirt that you can blankly trust. The best part? Depending on the situation, you can wear it with a suit, or just with a tie or go casual with rolled-up sleeves and a few undone buttons.

WhereThe Shirt Studio in Koramangala will customise shirts for you from scratch. They pay attention to the smallest detail, so if you are looking for one that will last you for a long time, make sure you check them out.

Linen Pants

Jeans might be comfortable, but when worn every day in this heat, they can seem boring, monotonous and commonplace.  And this is why we’re making a plea for the linen pants to be made a work wardrobe staple. Think about it – it’s comfortable, easy to carry, perfectly breezy for summers, and available in so many colours. Add one to your collection today!

Where: Marks & Spencer has an incredible linen collection, that is sure to get you shopping.

All the above clothing pieces will truly win you extra style points, especially at your workplace, so make sure you take care of them in the right manner with Pressto India {which opens on May 24}. Providing quality care for apparel is their forte, making sure every item you own always looks at its best. They clean, repair and restore your favourite garments, shoes, bags and accessories with the best expertise in town.

What’s Pressto Cobbler?

Working with partners from the UK and The Netherlands, Pressto Cobbler cleans, repairs and restores shoes, bags and accessories.


Anything Else?

Pressto India is set to open its first two outlets in Bangalore at Indiranagar on May 24, 2017 and have a great offer waiting for you – get three items at the cost of two, both at Pressto and Pressto COBBLER. Also, don’t forget to check out this amazing video below that shows how easy it is keep your formal wear clean and sophisticated at all times. Bookmark Pressto India right  away!

Check out their website here and follow them on Facebook here.