You Won't Believe The Pretty Lamps, Boxes And Bowls This Brand Makes From Just Cardboard

What Makes It Awesome

Who knew that cardboard could ever look so good? Giving the heavy-duty paper a chic makeover, Corr Beauty is all about bringing out the beauty of corrugated cardboard through its home decor elements. From lamps to fruit bowls and coasters, they’ve really given the humble cardboard an elegant and artsy edge.

The brand’s lamps are perhaps their most intricate products and look splendid when the lights splash through its grooves and meshes. Their boxes are a huge upgrade from the run-down and drab cardboard boxes that we’re so used to. Round, with a pop of colour, these are perfect to use as jewellery boxes or to chuck your keys and other trinkets into. Corr Beauty’s fruit bowls also have our attention for its offbeat look.

All of Corr Beauty’s products are made with fresh corrugated cardboard and glue and pieced together by hand. Since all their stuff is made to order, feel free to get it customised and pick the colour scheme and size you want. You can get in touch and place orders by reaching out to them on their Facebook page.