If you’re anything like me, changing bags to match your outfit every morning is a task so herculean, you’d rather do 20 push-ups than dump stuff from one bag to another before leaving for work. And isn’t it better to have a strong core and well-defined arms than be at a risk of accidentally leaving behind your house keys or wallet in the process?

This is where you need to be smart – invest in a bag that’s super chic and comes in a neutral{ish} shade, which you can wear with most things in your wardrobe. We’ve got some options of cross-body bags you might want to check out before you step out shopping. They’re cool, classy, and very versatile.

Tan Mini Cross-Body Bag

Brand: Twenty Seven

Price: INR 1,650

Buy it here.

Bermuda Sling

Brand: Poem Bags

Price: INR 8,000

Buy it here.

Round Node Sling Bag

Brand: October Jaipur

Price: INR 5,800

Buy it here.

Grey Ikat Sling Bag

Brand: October Jaipur

Price: INR 3,000

Buy it here.

The Rhythm Medium Crossbody

Brand: Rashmi Modi

Price: INR 8,750

Buy it here.

Slate Ellie Wallet Sling

Brand: Chiaroscuro

Price: INR 5,050

Buy it here.

Envelope Bag

Brand: Cord

Price: INR 5,500

Buy it here.

Embroidered Clutch

Brand: Zara

Price: INR 2,290

Where: For a complete list of Zara stores, click here.

Quirky Sling Bag

Brand: Desi Drama Queen

Price: INR 1,649

Buy it here.

Dark Green Carpenter Bag

Brand: Nappa Dori

Price: INR 6,800

Buy it here.