Cute Bags, Cushions Etc Handmade By Underprivileged Women


    What Makes It Awesome

    Saddlebags, cushions, yoga mat Carry-ons, ‘tipis’ for kids to play in and the possibility to customize all of this. If you are looking for gifts ideal for kids or young adults then ‘Lotus Vibe’ is your go-to brand. They specialize in designing hand crafted products that are made by underprivileged women at their workshop. They do a wide range of accessories that are often ideal for party favours or even corporate gifting. Not just personal accessories but things like table runners, pouches and colourful Tipis (tents) for kids’ play areas.

    We personally loved the alphabet cushions and the quirky designs like the Autorikshaw cushion. The blankets or duvets for the baby room are too cute to pass as are the animal-shaped cushions. Luggage for children can also be personalized. Quilted laptop covers, guitar cases, diaper bags, stationery cases and pouches, the list of possibilities is endless. And the best part? Most of these products are machine washable. So, ‘easy to maintain’ and very ‘durable’.

    These products can be ordered via the Facebook page or email your requirements.

    How Much Did It Cost

    ₹500 - ₹1,000