Pedal To Work? Then, You And Your Colleagues Have To Take On Cycle To Work Challenge

Navya posted on 14 September

For those of you have killer calves from all that cycling to work and for those of you who want to embrace cycling as a means of transport, Bangalore’s Bicycle Mayor (yes, we have one of those) has a special challenge! The mayor has announced a ‘Cycle To Work’ Challenge that looks to encourage office-goers to take up cycling. While a pilot run will begin on September 22, the formal challenge will begin in October. And it will involve you teaming up with your colleagues to pedal your way to work for six months. At the end, the team with the highest number of participants and with the highest kilometres clocked will walk away with a shiny trophy. Registrations, for the challenge, will be done through a soon-to-be-launched app.