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Explore Munnar’s Tea Gardens, Cardamom Estates And Forests With These Cycling Tours


    Ride through Munnar’s picturesque, winding roads with adventure outfits like Kerala Bicycle Tours and Thrillophilia. 

    Over The Hills

    Perfect for a weekend getaway, Munnar in Kerala is a breathtaking hill station. And is made up of endless tea and spice plantations, innumerable waterfalls, and Shola forests. While most tourists {especially the never-ebbing crowd of honeymooners} prefer to zip around town in taxis, we recommend a cycle tour to get up close and personal with the scenic hill station. Lasting between a couple of hours and two whole days, these tours showcase the town’s main attractions and take you off the beaten track as well.

    Visiting Munnar on a short trip? Then, Kerala Bicycle Tours {they come highly recommended} offers tours that last between a couple of hours and a day. If you’d prefer an easy-peasy trip to explore Munnar’s lush estates, the 2pm Tea Tour will work best for you. With this, you’ll ride through expansive tea estates and learn a little about the art of tea brewing. You will then explore Munnar’s busy town square that’s lined with shops selling everything from fragrant spices to locally-produced souvenirs.

    The Long Ride

    Cycling enthusiasts who want to get their adrenaline pumping as they discover Munnar will find happiness with Kerala Bicycling Tours’ one-day long trip. The Premiere Tea Tour takes you to the heart of rural Munnar. And you’ll weave your way through charming villages and waterfalls that dot the famed Kannan Devan Hills. You’ll also make your way to the foothill of the Anamudi Peak and trek through tea estates to check out the scenery in neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

    If think that a day-long cycling tour doesn’t earn you enough bragging rights, then, Bangalore’s very own Thrillophilia has more to offer. For you and your group of pals, they customise a two-day tour that takes you through Munnar and its surrounding areas. Apart from the routine tea estate tours, you’ll also bike through picturesque villages, sandalwood forests, and pass by forest reserves too. Both these two tours require plenty of stamina and biking experience so ensure that you have what it takes before signing up.