What Is It?

London-based musician, Daniel Waples, and city musical project, Thaalavattam, come together for an India tour {their second, in fact}, courtesy The Humming Tree. And, yes, they will be performing in the Ooru. Daniel will be bringing to town the unique music of the hand pan, an instrument which involves melodies associated with energy and alternative healing. Combine this with Thaalavattam’s percussion music and you’ve got yourself the perfect reason to skip the EDM this weekend.

Who Is It For?

Having wowed audience with their performance the last time they were here {in January}, the collaboration is probably one not to be missed. So, whether you’re an ardent music lover with an eclectic taste or someone who wants a great evening to look out for, this fits the bill.

Why Should I Go For It?

Having started off as a street musician, Daniel Waples’ expertise with the hand pan is probably what led him on to be known as the Hand Pan Ambassador. If that doesn’t convince you enough, then perhaps, the thought of watching him effortlessly play the instrument might. Don’t be surprised at the soothing tones you’ll hear while the musician ‘plays’ the unassuming-looking hand pan with nothing but light taps and fluid movements. And, when you have Thaalavattam’s hybrid percussion kits {made from discarded tubes, paint cans and plastic bottles} adding to the mix, the evening is bound to be promising.

When: Saturday, June 25

Where: The Humming Tree, .949, 12th Main Road, Doopanahalli, Indiranagar

Price: INR 500

Timings: 8pm onwards

Contact: +91 9886618386

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Featured image via: Daniel Waples