Ten-Second Takeaway

I’ve been eyeing this very innovative piece of clothing from Brasstacks called the Dhoti Dungaree, and so I decided to put it on and test it for its worth.

The Experience


The orange, pink and yellow palette makes it a very fun outfit, especially for the gloomy Bangalore weather. Slipping into it was a matter of ease — the buttons on the side open easily and it’s almost as good as getting into a pair of PJs. The outfit, made of khadi cotton, instantly added inches to my height and although the rather large structure of the piece made me feel bulky, it didn’t look so when I saw myself in the mirror.

When I walked out of the office and down the road with my entourage {read photographer, my editor and our intern} for this shoot, I had all eyes on me {I really think it was in a good way for the kaleidoscope that I might have been looking like}. I could’ve very well been cartwheeling my way through the streets — this outfit was that comfortable. And while I didn’t do those things, I did myself some good with climbing trees, jumping off not-so-high Bangalore rooftops and some sprinting that made me feel like I could basically run around and still look stylish while at it.

Styling This Beauty


I decided to go with the good-old black that almost never fails, under the dungarees as well as on my feet, for the bright colours on the dungarees to pop. The solid shoes definitely made monkey business that much more comfortable. If you’re looking for a more formal get-up, style it with a pair of stilettos or pumps in a neutral shade and a cropped/anti-fit top in a similar colour to compliment it. This outfit also has great scope for being paired with neon pop colours for that OTT look. And since we’re not quite done raving about the white-sneakers trend, please by all means, pair them with those too. Lounging around and even doing a great deal of yoga should be fun in this ever-so-interesting dhoti dungaree.

Price: INR 5,800

Timings: 11am-8pm

Find them on Facebook here to order online.

Photos: Rudra Rakshit Sharan