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The Koramangala Restaurant Returns With Version 2.0, Ludo And Coconut Mojitos

    Koramangala, Bangalore


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    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Dice n Dine, the place which housed every board game you can think, of is back with a bang.

    What Is It?

    In addition to the fun and games, this time Dice n Dine has a menu that would take you through a grub-staking journey together with reliving your nostalgic childhood memories playing board games of your choice.

    Who Is It For?

    Perfect to unwind after a hard day at work, this revamped space is perfect for groups of friends to enjoy a drink, bar nibbles and banter. And of course, friendly competition.

    What Is The Ambience Like?

    A big bright “Dine n Dine” board welcomes you to a dining area with neatly setup tables, high chairs, graffiti walls and the board game storage counter. Snake and Ladder, Ludo, you name it and they have it all.

    At The Bar

    They have some amazing beat-the-heat drinks, made from fresh seasonal fruits and little sweeteners. The Mango Mojito uses the king of fruits to the maximum, while the Litchi and Watermelon Mojito blends two of my favourites. With added mint, it was magical. The Coconut Mojito, is refreshing, and even has some slivers of coconut in it more added merriment! If you’re designated driver, pick the Oreo Shake, Brownie Shake — classic and well executed. I also like the Caribbean Cafe Mocha, a version of cold coffee, light, sprinkling coffee powder on top made the drink more appealing.

    Must Eat

    Baby corn fritters, Fish n Chips {basa}, Mozzarella Loaf, bread loaf stuffed with mozzarella cheese, jalapenos and other veggies, BBQ chicken wings and warm broccoli shrimp salad. The salad, I totally fell in love with. I even asked for the recipe. Other options include the Four Seasons pizza {which is rectangle}, grilled pineapple with cheese stuffed and Mexican shots, empanadas with minced chicken filling, and Grilled Chicken, an in-house speciality. Finish off with deep fried ice-cream, sizzling brownie with ice-cream, almond and caramel praline pastry or Death by Chocolate pastry

    More About The Experience

    The staff is well trained and informed about every dish on the menu. Hospitality is commendable and this place is a perfect getaway from the busy life for some good food and relax while playing one of those board games


    Two wheeler parking is sorted as they have parking space for them. If you own a four wheeler you might have to try your luck finding a parking nearby or maybe you can get a cab here.

      Koramangala, Bangalore